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Day one: Our trip starts at 8:00am. One of our Your Guides along with our car driver will pick you up from your hotel or from the airport. A car ride of 1.5hrs approx. will end up in Nauta, which is the only town connected to Iquitos by road. Once in Nauta, a nice and well-conditioned typical wooden boat will be waiting to take us to the Yarapa Community Reserve. This Community Reserve is located in the Buffer Area of Pacaya Samiria. This is the place where our Eco lodge is located, in the middle of a beautiful rainforest.


Depending on the season and the climate conditions, it takes 2.5hrs approx. to get to the lodge. The borders of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve will allow us to enjoy the beauty of some colorful birds, pink dolphins and if lucky, some sloths usually are hanging from the branches of the Munguba tree - Pseudobombax munguba.

We will arrive to the lodge at 1pm.

After lunch, we all will have a one hour break and then go on our first excursion.


Rubber boots are highly recommended to go hiking in this pristine jungle where we will see giant trees, different types of palm trees and at the same time we will seek for land mammals. Our Guide will explain about the use of some seeds to make souvenirs and handicrafts. He also will explain about the different medicinal plants and the use in some households nowadays.


We should be back in the lodge before sunset.


Dinner shall be served in the dining room of the lodge.


Right after enjoying a delicious dinner, we will get our headlights or torches to go looking for caimans. Some nearby lakes are habitats these reptiles and we hope to catch one, take some pictures with it and then release.


Day two: This is our second day in the jungle and it will be very promising. We should wake up early in the morning to go bird watching. There are 449 species of birds that have been registered in the area and this morning our goal is to see as many as we can. Herons, egrets, macaws, toucans, woodpeckers, terns, hawks, eagles, kingfishers, hummingbirds, flycatchers and trogons are just the most popular and easy to watch. We will also find monkeys, sloths and green iguanas that live among the bush by the riverside.


We need to head back to the lodge and have breakfast.


In the mid-morning, our boat driver will take us to his village: Puerto Miguel.


Puerto Miguel is a pretty, quiet, welcoming and well-organized village that belongs to the Cocama tribe and, even though people lost their ancient customs, they still keep some interesting traditions that will be explained by our Guide. This will also be a nice opportunity to find out if any villager has a sloth at home so that you can take some pictures while holding it. You will love this cutie animal.


We need to be back in the lodge for lunch.

Lunch will be served in the dining room of the lodge.


By 3pm this afternoon, we will navigate downstream the Yarapa river. The beauty of the water will impress us since it looks like a huge mirror where the sky and trees are reflected. We will navigate till reaching the mighty Amazon river.
For this activity, we will use our typical wooden boats.

By reaching the mouth of this small river we will find it as a good spot to see pink and gray river dolphins. This aquatic mammal come to surface to breath and letting us see the beauty and singular body color.

Our Tour Guide will explain us about this legendary animal and how the specie has been threatened by human.


We hope to have a beautiful sunset and enjoy the landscape from our boats.


Return to the lodge after sunset.


After dinner, we need to get our headlights and torches ready to go for a night jungle hike looking for giant bull frogs, tarantulas, snakes, scorpions and many species of night insects. Sometimes we also find bamboo rats, pacas, opossums, etc.


Day three: A well-deserved good rest till breakfast time and then, we will go fishing for piranhas. Surely, we will catch other types of fish but the fearful piranhas are our goal. When we return to the lodge, the cook will prepare a fast food of all the fish we got.


These are our last minutes in the jungle.


Time to return to Iquitos.


Note: All our programs are flexible and depend on weather conditions.

         Our arrival in the city of Iquitos will be around 6pm.

$269 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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