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Day one: One of our Guides together with our driver will pick you up from your hotel or airport to start this trip we are sure will be a beautiful experience.  
We will go to Bellavista-Nanay, exotic place north of our city where we will make a short tour of the small market and get to know the local products: Aguaje, suri, regional juices, jungle fruits, fish, etc. 

Our guide will explain briefly about everything we can find in this place. Afterwards, we will take our boat to our hostel. 
We will have the opportunity to see noticeably the change of the water type. The Nanay River pours its black waters to the Majestic Amazon River, which has a color similar to coffee with milk, thus giving a clear view of the two different rivers. Our Guide will explain the reasons for the differences in their colors and will make a brief historical overview of the Amazon River before starting to navigate its mighty waters. 


After 30 minutes, we will arrive at Fundo Pedrito. An exotic place located on the banks of the Amazon, where we can visit the Victoria Regia, which is known for being the aquatic plant with the largest leaves in the world. However, Fundo Pedrito is best known for being a breeding ground for voracious piranhas, alligators and the giant pirarucu, also known as Paiche, the world’s largest freshwater fish. In this place you can not only see them, but also feed them. 

Continuing with our tour, we will go to the community of San Juan de Huashalado where is located Fundo Rony, place where several species of animals are taken care of and later released in their habitat.

Here you can see bird species such as parrots, macaws, paujiles and toucans. We will also know the tender sloth bear, alligators and turtles. However, we know that the species that will make the most impression will be the giant anaconda. You can hold it and take photos.

After our visit, we will make a short walk to a small place in the middle of the jungle where the family of the Yagua Tribe are. We will spend a moment with them learning their dances, their language and their culture. We will dance with them and learn to use their blowgun.

After this hike, we will return to our boat to keep our journey to our comfortable lodge that is located on the banks of the Majestic Amazon River. Along the way, we will make a short stop at the entrance of the River to look for gray and pink dolphins.

We will continue our trip to the lodge and upon our arrival, the staff will welcome us with the kindness that characterizes us and we will provide with a small cocktail to welcome you. After having assigned your room, we will go to the dining room to taste a delicious lunch.

A well-deserved rest in the hammock area or a relax in our pool will not be bad. While we wait for the sunset.
At dusk we will have our dinner and then make a fire and listen to the stories and legends of the Jungle which will be told by our Guide.


Day two: This morning after breakfast we will go by boat to Indiana village, which is a town where we will make a short tour to know its market, the cathedral and its main economic activities. Our guide will explain about this place, its population and culture.

After our visit, we will head to the Monkey Island. A place of great interest for tourists arriving in Iquitos. Monkey Island is a family project that has years of experience rescuing Amazonian primates. At present, up to seven species of monkeys are being cared for and brought for their care and rehabilitation and subsequently released into their habitat.

A hearty lunch awaits us at the lodge, and we must arrive on time.

In the afternoon, we will prepare our swimsuits and head to the confluences of the Napo and Maniti Rivers, where sand banks are formed that invite you to enjoy nature. In this place we can swim while we wait to see pink and gray dolphins that usually inhabit the junctions of the rivers. 

We will return to the lodge after sunset which we hope will be spectacular as always.

Dinner will be served as usual in the lodge’s dining room.

Day three: We’ll wake up early in the morning to go out looking for birds. We can see different species such as herons, kingfishers, hawks, carpenters and others. The sunrises in the Amazon are mostly breathtaking and we hope you enjoy it.

We will use the morning to fish piranhas using traditional tackle. We know we will catch catfish, sardines or other species of fish, but the goal will be the fearsome piranhas. 

The product of our fishing will be served as part of the breakfast upon arrival at the lodge.

We’ll check out in the middle of the morning. We’ll have to start our journey back to the city.

On the way, we will stop in of San Rafael village and walk around the butterfly farm they have. The people who work in this center, are locals who come cultivating various species of butterflies. They will explain the metamorphosis of them.

Then we will continue our return and we will reach the community of Independencia where there is a viewpoint from which we can see a beautiful landscape of the Amazon. 

We will walk in the jungle until we reach a giant tree: La Lupuna or Ceiba tree. After our walk we will continue with our way to the city of Iquitos  
Arrival time is approximately 3:30pm. Our guide will escort you to your hotel or the airport. 

$299 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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