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At Amazon Discovery, we are dedicated to the sustainable ecotourism, which means causing the least negative impact on our operations while we support the conservation and provide benefits to the community where we are established and the nearby.


What follows are some of the projects that together with the community of San Martin of Tipishca and the Central Office of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve looking to improve our relationship with the environment.


We are working in the repopulation of aquatic turtles in our area and lakes that surround it. Since the Podocnemis family has been highly threatened in the past ten years due to the large value of its meat and eggs in the city's markets. We oraganize small groups to go to the sand banks to collect the eggs and re-nest them in artificial sand banks, to prevent the illegal extractors take them for commercial purposes.


The population of the community takes care of the eggs until they hatch and after they are marked, the baby turtles are released in areas where more is required of this species. The Arapaima gigas (paiche) is a specie of fish that is more vulnerable. Its delicious meat has caused the number of this species to decrease in the lakes every year.

San Martin of Tipishca and Amazon Discovery are focused not only in the preservation of them but also in the protection of its habitat, this species can reproduce without being affected.


The reforestation of plants is within our scheduled activities for our visitors. We all go to the woods to plant specific trees such as mahogany, cedar and aguaje (Mauritia flexuosa). In the future, we would like to cover the salary of people from the community to join the group of rangers to improve the guard and safety within the National Park.


Our rigorous program of recycling extends from the central office to the people and their surroundings. We decompose organic wastes of the inorganic and transport to places of recycling. For our lunch Amazon Discovery use, dishes, glasses and cutlery reusable instead of disposable material used by other companies.

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