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No trip to Iquitos is complete without cruising the Amazon river, hiking through the jungle, feeding manatees, visiting Indian tribes, and seeing monkeys, jaguars, snakes, macaws, and cayman.


We will depart from Bellavista Nanay River, where we can see a huge variety of products from our region, as well as the typical dishes of our area.


We will take our boat to sail the waters of our mighty Amazon River to reach Fundo Pedrito. In this place we will observe and be feeding the crocodiles, piranhas and paiche. We can also see the Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant of the world.


Then we go on to one of the colonies of the Yagua tribe to enjoy their culture. We are going to dance with them and learn how to use your blowgun. This is an ideal place to buy handicrafts made with materials of the area, of their own culture.


We will get into our boat to reach the entrance of Monkey Island for lunch while we enjoy watching pink dolphins. Afterwards we are going to visit the Monkey Island, an exotic place where you can see different varieties of monkeys and wild animals that are well cared and then released to their natural habitat. Coatis, macaws, parrots, monkeys and giant anaconda make this a place that you cannot miss.


On our way back to the city, we are going to to have our next ride to a village and hike a long way up a steep incline up the bank from the river. Here you can hike through the jungle to see a huge tree, the largest in the Amazon jungle, called the Ceiba. The view from the village to the river is incredible. Also, there are only outhouses with no doors in places like this…you haven’t truly lived until you’ve used a hole in the ground with no door overlooking the Amazon river. We are going to hike through the thick jungle  to get to see some insects and cross a small stream by a wooden bridge.


We will return to the city before sunset.


* The arrival in Iquitos will be before sunset

$100 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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