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Treehouse Twelve – Soledad

✓ 2 guests     ✓ 1 bedrooms     ✓ 1 baths 

Treehouse Twelve is our newest treehouse, and perfect for viewing animals. Getting there is a most adventurous journey because of the 3 cable bridges. You’ll have the chance to look over a small creek on the jungle floor. The interior of this treehouse is unique, it makes you feel immersed in the tree and the jungle because 4 branches coming up through the floor. Also, it has a balcony covered by a mosquito mesh on the outside to protect you as you enjoy a break between excursions.

Directions to Treehouse 12: Walk 200 feet from main lodge along raised wooden pathway, walk up beautiful 55 foot spiral staircase, and walk across three consecutive steel cable bridges.

iconos treehouse 2.png
Featured trehouse.png
Featured treehouse 6.png
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