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The following is a list of equipment that should be considered in your packing list for your jungle adventure.

All luggage, food and supplies are transported by our staff and depending on the number of persons in the group, these are transported in the same boat or in different one.

If you do have luggage that is not going to be needed during your trip with us, you can ask your hotel clerk if they can save them for you. Generally they can, but if not, you can leave your luggage with us.

If you are to be dropped off at the airport at the end of your trip, we recommend to bring all your luggage with you. If by any happens you got some stuffs that are fragile and cannot be taken to the lodge and you are to be dropped at the airport, you can leave them with us and we will take them to the airport for you.


Recommended Clothing and Equipment List
Three / Four / Five Day Jungle Anventure

  1. 1 pair of shorts to wear when swimming

  2. 1 T-shirt or light cotton long-sleeved shirt for swimming

  3. 1 pair of rubber boots or outdoor type shoes for hiking and for use on the lodge grounds.

(we can provide rubber boots if you do not mind wearing those that have been used before)

  1. 1 pair of tennis shoes or sandals to use when visiting the villages

  2. 1 light cap with wide brim or visor for sun

  3. 2 light shirts; cotton, long sleeved for lodge

  4. 2 pairs of light cotton hiking trousers; jeans okay, but not recommended, because of weight and drying time.

  5. 1 sweater or sweatshirt

  6. 3 sets of underwear

  7. 3 pairs of socks

  8. Sunscreen or sun block

  9. Insect repellent

  10. Toiletry kit; no aerosols

  11. Medications 
    * Please add one or 2  change of clothes for a 6 or 7-day tour

Optional Accessories

  1. Camera (with waterproof case, for hiking and boat excursions)

  2. Plastic bags of various sizes (heavy-duty ziplock for film, books and small items)

  3. Sunglasses

  4. Binoculars

  5. Head Lamp

  6. Water bottle or canteen

  7. Rain jacket.



Do not bring a lot of cash since it is not needed during your jungle trip. If you are planning to buy some souvenirs or handy crafts, S/. 100 is enough and is better if you bring in small bills or coins. Getting change is a little difficult.

It would also be nice and really appreciated if you bring some gifts for the locals. 
A T-shirt, shoes, sandals or any clothing you do not use you can bring and give them away.
Notebooks, pen, pencils or any kind of school supplies for school children are also welcome. 
You personally will given them away.

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