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The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

During five years after we started our tour company, we had the Pacaya Samiria National as our main destinations to develop our adventure trips to see wildlife. We are still considering this protected area as the most important to visit if you want to find animals in their natural habitat. This huge area acompasses over 2’080 000 squared hectares and has 4 main basin.

The basins we visit are, The Yanayacu Pucate Basin, located to 4 hours slow boat ride from Nauta.

The Samiria Basin, located to 6 hours speed boat ride from Nauta.

The Yarapa Community Reserve

However, we learned that no far off from the city there is a place that was also blessed by nature with a large variety of flora and fauna. This is the Yarapa Community Reserve. An area that is being cared by locals to preserve the wildlife that can be found in and around.

Iquitos City

There are several places of interest to visit in and around Iquitos. We will be pleased to lead you in the Day tours we have that will allow you to know these places. Most of them are rescue Centers and village where you will learn about the culture and traditions of the tribes that lived in this part of the jungle.