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Day One: One of our tour guides along with the car driver will pick you up from your hotel or the airport to start this trip and we are so sure will become a beautiful experience.

They will take you to Bellavista – Nanay, which is an exotic place northern the city, where we will have a walk to know the local products like Aguaje (our flagship fruit), palm grubs, local juices, jungle fruits, varieties of fish that are sold for food, turtle eggs, etc.

Our tour Guide will explain about everything you can find in this place. Afterwards, we will get on the boat that is ready to take us to our lodge.

Notoriously, the black color of the water from the Nanay river flowing into the brown color of the water of the Amazon River, indicates that we will start navigating this mighty river. Our tour guide will briefly explain the reason of the different colors and will make a summary about the Amazon history, before we start traveling on its surface.

Not far off from Bellavista, 20 mins approx. we will reach at Fundo Pedrito. A very exotic place located on the Rivershore where, we will see and learn about the Victoria Regia, the largest lily pads in the world. However, Fundo Pedrito es most popular for being a fish farm where you will find and feed the Giant Arapaima, also called Paiche. This fish can reach up to 2.5m long. You can also feed caimans, water turtles and some piranhas.

We must continue our trip to the lodge and hope we will reach there by 12:30pm. You will be taken to one of the cabins which will be assigned according to the kind of reservations you made. Right after, we will enjoy a very delicious lunch.

This afternoon we will visit Fundo Rony, an animal rescue center, where we will find monkeys, sloths, parrots, macaws, land turtles and also the giant green anaconda. This is also a good place to try some local liquors made of jungle fruits and roots.

Before heading back to the lodge, we will go to look for pink dolphins while contemplating a colorful sunset on the Amazon.

Dinner will be served in the spacious dinning rom of the lodge and after enjoying it we will go out for a night walk to look for frogs, tarantulas, snakes and some insects.


Day Two: This is the start of a promising day and we will do it very early in the morning going bird watching. We will navigate through the Timicurillo river in order to see as many birds as possible. Herons, egrets, king fishers, fly catchers, hawks, caracaras, jacanas, are just some of the bird species you will surely get to see.

We will be in the lodge for breakfast.

Afterwards, we will go fishing for piranhas. It is good to mention that, while trying, we can catch other species of fish like catfish, shads, sardines, etc. however, the goal is to catch the voracious red piranhas.


We should be back in the lodge at lunch time.

After a well-deserved nap, our Guide will take us to meet a small family group of the Yagua tribe. They will show us their dances, language, culture and will teach us some techniques for hunting using the blow gun. This is also a good place to buy souvenirs, handicrafts and then return to the lodge before sunset.

For those tale lovers, tonight after dinner, we will meet around the hammocks room to tell the jungle legends. Specially those legends that are the most popular such as the Bufeo Colorado, the mermaid, el tunchi… Get ready!


Day Three: There is no reason to hurry. We will wake up for breakfast. Later, we will start an excursion that will take all day. We will walk throughout a primary forest looking for monkeys and other land animals. This will also be a great opportunity to learn about the medicinal plants that can be found in this part of the amazon forest. We will walk deep in the jungle to find an enormous Ceiba tree whish is 500 years old approx. Its roots expand in a ratio of 50m.

We will also learn some survival techniques. Like finding some vines to drink water from.

We should return to the lodge before dark.


Day Four: This is our last dawn in the middle of the amazon jungle. We will have breakfast and then head to San Rafael village. We will see their life style, traditions and learn about the local believes. One of the villagers will takes into a botanical walk and teach to prepare the home remedies that they still use.

Lunch will be served in the lodge and right after we have finished, we should get ready to start our journey back to Iquitos.

NOTE: Approx. time to be in Iquitos, 5pm.

All our programs are flexibles and the activities can be changed in order depending on the climate conditions.

$229 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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