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Day one: Departure from Iquitos city at 7am and travel in our car over 90km of road to Nauta city where our boat will be waiting to take us to one of the most beautiful trips in the Peruvian jungle.


It will take about 4 hours to get to the 1rst Control Station of the Yanayacu Pucate - Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. The black and dark waters of this river will welcome us, while we see some river dolphins coming to the surface and some birds that fly above us. We will make a short stop in this Control Station to register our entrance into this natural protected area.

Then we will keep our journey to Buenos Aires village, where we will get accommodation for tonight. A little rest while we wait for our lunch will be great. Afterwards, we will get our first excursion to a lake where we will be able to see some birds such as herons - Egrete thula, Coccoi heron - Ardea cocoi , Wattled jacana – Jacana jacana and also the Horned screamer -  Anhima cornuta.

We will contemplate the sunset from our boat and will head back to the lodging place before dinner.


Tonight, we are going to walk through a trail in search of bullfrogs, scorpions, tarantulas, spiders, snakes, and some night monkeys.


Day two: We need to wake up very early in the morning to go bird watching by the tributaries. In this protected natural area 449 species of birds have been documented, and we will be able to see the most common ones.


Breakfast will be ready when we arrive to the village of Buenos Aires, and then we will head to a lake named Alva, where our tents shall be set to spend the night. The Alva lake is located 3 hours from the community of Buenos Aires.

Lunch will be prepared in the capsite. We need to make fire and also set our tents.


This afternoon we are going to have a jungle hike in primary forest to learn about the major species of trees such as the rubber tree, the Ceiba, Mahogany and other that are among the most appreciated in the timber industry, as well as those that are used as traditional medicine in the Riverside villages.


Our night will be full camping. Dinner shall be served at our campsite while we relax with the sounds of the jungle.


One of the activities that is most highlighted in our adventure trips is to go caiman hunting, and this evening will be appropriate to go in search of them. Sometimes it is a little difficult to catch them to take some pictures, but we hope to be able to achieve this evening.

Day three: Early in the morning is a good time to go in search of the monkeys that inhabit this area of the forest. At least 5 species of primates can be seen, as well as sloths hanging from the branches of the trees where they feed on the leaves.


Our journey is not over yet. As soon as we are done with  our breakfast, we shall continue our adventure into the heart of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. We expect a journey of 3 hours to get to one of the most important lakes of this basin. We will arrive at lunch time and set up our camp.


The cook will preapre something special for us to have lunch. A short nap awaits for us to recharge energy and be ready to leave in search of  the largest freshwater fish in the world, The Paiche - Arapaima gigas. Sometimes we also find large caimans.

This place will be ideal for our piranha fishing.

Although there is a great possibility that we can catch other sorts of fish, our goal will be piranhas.


Our dinner will be what we got during our fishing activity. We will prepare a good meal and enjoy.


This evening we will do an excursion in search of rainbow boas, anacondas and other species of reptiles that can be found in this place.


Day four: Days passed by so quickly and time to head back to the city is at hand. So, right after having breakfast we need to pack all our stuffs and be ready for a long but entertained journey to Nauta and then to Iquitos.

Lunch will be prepared onboard.

Dolphins and birds will accompany us.


Approximate arrival time in Nauta: 5:00pm

$520 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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