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No trip to the jungle is complete unless you have navigated the mighty Amazon river, hiked in the jungle, fed caimans, visited the indigenous ethnic groups and if you haven´t seen monkeys, jaguars, anacondas, macaws and toucans.

We will depart from Bellavista-Nanay, a place qhere you will find a large variety of products from our región and the typical foods from the jungle.

Our boat driver will take us through the Nanay river, one of the main tributaries of the Amazon, to get to the Butterfly Farm, where we will learn about the metamorphosis of different butterflies, starting from the eggs, goes to the larvae stage, then they become caterpillars, turn into crisalids and the butterflies are born.This place is also an an orphanage for animals that have been confiscated from animal traders.

After finishing our visit to the butterfly farm, we will head to a Cocama tribe family. They will teach us about their customs and traditions. They will also perform some dances as a way of appreciation for our visit. You can buy some souvenirs that are made by women of this tribe.

Before noon we will also visit the Bora tribe colony which are different from the Cocamas. The chief of the tribe will tell us the story of this brave tribe. They will also perfom some dances where you will be invited to participate.

Afterwards, we will be ready to go to the Mighty Amazon river where we will have lunch aboard while expecting to see some Pink dolphins that are used to be around the meeting of the Nanay and the Amazon. Our lunch will be a delicious typical food from the jungle.

Our day tour is not finished yet. We will visit Fundo Pedrito. This is fishfarm where you will be able to feed caimans, piranhas and the Paiches – the largest freshwater fish in the world – you will also see and learn about the giant Lily pads – Victoria amazónica –

After visiting this place, we will got to Independencia village where we will hike through a printine jungle. Our goa lis to get to the Ceiba tree. The Ceiba is an amazing tree that can reach up to 30m high and the roots can expand to a 50m radio.


To finalize our tour, we will make a brief stop at a Primates Rescue Center. At least three species of monkeys can be found in this place. But also, you will see macaws, toucans and the scary Anaconda.

* Arrival in Iquitos will be before sunset.

$110 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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