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Day one: Our trip starts at 9:00am. We can either pick you up from your hotel or from the airport, in case you are arriving on the same day the tour starts. A car ride of around 1.5 hours will end in Nauta City, which is the only town connected to Iquitos via highway. Once in Nauta, a nice, confortable and typical boat will be ready to lead us to the Yarapa Community Reserve, the buffer area of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, where our Eco-lodge is set, in the middle of a wonderful rainforest.

Depending on the season and the weather conditions, 2.5 hours of boat ride is needed to get to the Lodge. The borders of the Pacaya Samiria will let us enjoy the beauty of some colorful birds, some river dolphins and luckily a sloth hanging from a Munguba tree - Pseudobombax munguba. 


Puerto Miguel is a nice, quiet, welcoming and well organized village that belongs to the Cocama tribe, an even though they lost the tribe customs, they still have many interesting things that our Guide will explain us when we visit them in the afternoon. This would also be a good opportunity to see if someone in the village has any sloth so that you can hold it and take some pictures. You will love this cutie animal.


Hoping to have a wonderful sunset, we all will head to the entrance of the Yarapa river to see and swim around the pink dolphins while enjoying the sunset.


Usually we have a night hike after dinner. Tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, snakes, hundreds of bugs and some other night creatures await for us. Be ready to find them. Catch a giant bullfrog is the goal. A Price will be given to the one who catches the biggest one.



Day two: Our second day will be very promising. We will have to wake up early in the morning to go birwatching. There are 449 species of birds that have been registered in this area and this morning we will try to see as much as we can. Herons, egrets, macaws, toucans, woodpeckers, terns, eagles, hawks, kingfishers, hummingbirds, flycatchers and trogons are the most popular and easy birds to see. But we will not only see birds. Monkeys, sloths and green iguanas are also found in the trees by the Riverside.


We need to be back at the lodge for breakfast.


After breakfast, our jungle local guide will lead us into the woods to show and teach us about the different types of plants that are used as home remedies to treat different illnesses. This will be a Good chance to see the giant Ceiba tree also know as Kapok tree. A giant tree that can reach 30m high and whose roots are expanded in a 50m diameter.


We must be back at the lodge for lunch.


After taking 1.5hrs break in our hammock place, we will be ready to head to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve. We will hike in this pristine jungle where many big trees are found. We expect to find the red howler monkeys that live in this protected area. Our goa lis to reach the swamp where we will see the giant lily pads, the hoatzins -unique birds in the world- and also some other species of birds that are used to inhabit therein.


Tired due the hard day we had but happy because we got to do some activities that allowed us to know the jungle deeper. Our bungalow will host us during the night till next day.

Day three: A good coffee, tea, bacon, some sausage, fried eggs, plantains, fish or something else shall be served for breakfast. This is just the beginning of another amazing day. Our Guide will have the boat ready to depart from the lodge to start a journey deeper in the jungle. We will need to find a proper place to set our tents. While our cook prepares a good meal, we all will be working in the construction of our typical hut using palm tree leaves and wood from the rainforest.


This activity will keep us busy almost all day long. Once everything is set up, we shall take a break and then go fishing for piranhas. There are many other types of fish that you will catch for sure, but piranhas are our goal.


All you need now is a good headlight or torch to go caiman hunting. Some lagoons nearby are the habitats for these animal and we expect to catch them to take some pictures and release them afterwards. This will be a good chance to catch some fish using the spears.

Day four: Our morning in this part of the jungle is so relaxing. Listening to the dozens of birds welcoming the new day.


After our breakfast, our local guide, who is an expert in the jungle, will lead us deeper into the jungle in the seek of big mammals such as pecaríes, pacas, tapirs, armadillos, ocelots and maybe a jaguar. Perhaps an anaconda... This will be a fullday hike and we should return to our campsite before sunset.


Another night to spend in our campsite. Learning about the myths and some stories about the jungle.


Day five: After breakfast we need to pack all our camping gear and return to the lodge. We should arrive at lunch time. Take a shower and be ready to head back to Iquitos.


Note: All our programs are flexible and depend on weather conditions.

         Our arrival in the city of Iquitos will be around 6pm.

$369 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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