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$849 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

The Pacaya Samiria National Reserve as a second destination worldwide for wildlife sightseeing, is home to a large variety of fish, including the Giant Arapaima – Arapaima gigas –

In this 5 Days and 4 nights trip, we will aim to catch this fish species that is considered the largest freshwater fish in the world. Some other sorts of fish will also be caught such as the piranha – Pygocentrus cariba -, tambaqui – Colossoma macropomum -, pacu – Piaractus brachypomus -, dragon fish – Osteoglossum bicirrhosum -, Amazonian shad – Brycon melanopterus -, Oscar – Astronotus ocellatus – and many more…


In order to take this trip, we must travel to Nauta the evening before the trip starts.

Our car driver along with one of our Guides will pick you up from your hotel or airport by 5pm to travel via highway to Nauta city. This will be a 1.5hrs car ride. We will stay in a small hotel and must get up early the next morning to start our trip to the Pacaya Samira National Reserve.


Day one: We will navigate the waters of the Maranon River for approximately 180km - 3.5hrs- by speedboat until we reach Santa Rita de Castilla village where our local Guide will be waiting for us with a smaller wooden boat, which will take us to the Samiria River. From Santa Rita de Castilla it takes approx. 20min to get to the 1rst Control Station of the Samiria Basin, where we must present our permits and register our entrance to this Natural Protected Area. After having done so, we shall continue our journey to San Martin de Tipishca, a village that belongs to the ethnic group Cocama Cocamilla and will be our base for our excursions. We will arrive at this place by 1pm.

After settling in one of the villager’s house, we will take a short break while we wait for lunch.


This afternoon, we are going to tour the community and learn about the lifestyle of the local population. We will know about their crops, culture and customs.


There is a creek nearby the village where gray and pink river dolphins are used to gather, this is a good opportunity to head there and see them close to the boat. If you want to, you can also swim in this place. Many species of birds are also gathered in this spot and provides a very nice look to the environment.

If lucky, sunset will be wonderful as most of the time…


This evening we are going to meet Mr. Cesar Canaquiri, an old man native from the village and head of a Conservation Project that is taking place in a lake inside the National Reserve. He will explain us about the work he is doing along with his family and how important this is.


A well-deserved night rest will be good after dinner.


Day two: Mornings in this beautiful place are so pleasant, very peaceful… A good coffee or local infusion along with a delicious local food is what the cook will serve for breakfast. Right after enjoying breakfast, we need to pack the needed luggage and camping gears, get into the wooden boat and go for the fishing experience.

A boat ride of approximately 3hrs will take us deep into the forest where the campsite is located. Mr. Cesar Canaquiri built a hut aside the creek and this will be our refuge for the next days. On our way, more species of birds and cool landscapes in the forest can be seen. It will be a very entertained and interesting boat ride.

Lunch will be prepared at local style. No gas or propane.
Camping tents will be set up later and afterwards, we are going to walk in the pristine jungle in the seek of land mammals. Most of the trails in the area are marked by the jaguars and you will see the footprints. Cross finger in order to find one of this big cat.
Remember to follow the directions of our Guide and specially of Mr. Cesar. It is very important in order to see animals in the wild. Our way back to the campsite will be after sunset and in the dark of the night some tarantulas, snakes, frogs, and other types of night creatures will be found.

Dinner will be served as soon as we get to the campsite.

Day three: Our trip leader, Cesar Canaquiri is willing to take us into the lake where the giant Paiches are – Arapaima gigas.

He is going to teach us the method used to catch them. After a brief explanation, you will be invited to participate in this activity to catch one of these giant freshwater fish. Depending on the condition and the circumstance, he can either release it or kill it as part of his year harvest. This is doubtless the most exciting fishing day you will have.
Cesar is also teaching us about the other fish species and how we will be able to catch them, using fishing nets, hooks or spears. Lunch will be prepared at the shore of the lake.
After lunch we shall continue our fishing activity.

We need to head to the campsite in the afternoon before sunset and get ready for another night hike in the seek of peccaries, deers, tapirs and anacondas. Remember that animals in the area are wild and it is not easy to find them. However, we will do our best in order to get it.


Day four: Early in the morning our local Guide will lead us in a birdwatching activity. This area is home to wonderful species. You will see macaws, jacanas, toucans, herons, egrets, cormorants, horned screamers, kingfishers, etc.

Breakfast will be on the boat and after we finish it, Cesar will lead us into the forest to a big swamp. On our way, he will show us different tree species and teach us about the many types of medicinal plants that still are used as home remedies in the villages.

We should start heading back to San Martin before sunset, have dinner there and spend the night. All our luggage should be packed and ready to leave the village next morning.

Day five: Time to say goodbye to San Martin village. We will leave after breakfast, arrive to Santa Rita de Castilla by 9am and wait for the public speed boat that will transport us to Nauta. Arrival time in Nauta: 2pm.

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