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Our Golden Iquitos Day Tour starts at 7am. One of our Tour Guides will pick you from your hotel and take you downtown Iquitos to show and explain you about the historical buildings. Starting at Plaza de Armas, the iconic Iron House, Main Cathedral, Ex Hotel Palace, Casa Morey and visiting the only Boat Museum in Iquitos: Ayapua.

The Ayapua is dedicated to the rubber boom period, with exhibitions depicting the history of navigation, geographers and explorers, Iquitos during the rubber boom, the indigenous cultures who lived during this period, the life of rubber tappers and rubber barons, as well as the film ‘Fitzcarraldo’, which was filmed in Iquitos.

Continueing the City tour, you will have a chance to walk around the Belen Market to see the local products that are sold in this place.

Pasaje Paquito, and exotic spot where you can find remedies made from medicinal plants and also aphrodisiac drinks and beberages.

Our car driver will pick us up from here to take us to the Amazon Forever - Biopark. A wonderful place where is also set the Amazon Rescue Center. In over one decade, they have rescued 54 river manatees (Trichechus inunguis) and have released 28 of them. This place is also refuge for other species that have been confiscated from animal trafficking and people from the amazon villages that used to have them as pets. They also have implemented a beautiful Aquarium to shown and teach people about the largest freswater fish, The Paiche or Arapaima gigas. This fish can reach up 3m long in nature and you will be able to see it through the crital glass of the big fish tank.

A botanical circuit to learn about the medicinal plants awaits. Throughout leyends and believes, the tour guide will explain you about the amazon rainforest main trees and the importance of them. This circuit will end at a zipline that you can use. A raft ride is also available if you prefer instead.

We should be finishing by 2pm, get in the car and head to Santo Tomas village.

It will take us 40 mins to get to Santo Tomas where lunch will be served. 

After enjoying it we will have a relaxing time navigating the Nanay River using inflatable boats.

However, the main reason we came up to here is to ride on the jet ski that are available for rent.

If more adrenaline is what you want, the flying board is also available.
If you are coming along with friends and family, a raft party is ideal for you all. 

We should end this tour after sunset.

*IMPORTANT: One hour jet ski is included. Flyboard and Raft party are not included.

$189 Per Person

Based on a group of 2 people minimum

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